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At International Housing Solutions (RF) (Pty) Ltd (IHS), we finance the development of energy efficient, affordable housing communities. We recognize the need to both create viable housing investments and provide broader community infrastructure with easy access to schools, shops and work opportunities.

IHS has deep industry expertise and a strong reputation as one of the pioneers in affordable residential real estate investment and management in Sub-Saharan Africa.

We are a diverse global team, with extensive experience in the development of successful large-scale affordable housing properties.

We seek opportunities where there is rapid growth in housing demand that is not being met by existing supply.  Our investment strategy is tailored to local market conditions where economic and political conditions are supportive of development and private market investments.

We are committed to partnering with local companies to make the best use of existing capacity, while minimizing investment risk. We help build organizational strength among these local housing market participants to pave the way for further economic growth and to foster international partnerships.

Our investments are diversified across geographic regions and product types.  We aim to go beyond simply building housing units to creating sustainable communities through our mixed-income and mixed-use development model.

IHS Fund II, one of our multi-investor funds, is focused on investing in green housing units that are certified to meet IFC’s EDGE standards.  More information on IFC’s EDGE program can be found at www.edgebuildings.com.

IHS is an affiliate of Hunt Companies, Inc. To learn more about Hunt, visit www.huntcompanies.com.

IHSPM specialises in providing a holistic property management and sales function in Sub-Saharan Africa. Our management team is qualified individuals with years of intense property industry experience and has built a reputable reputation in the residential market. The team is results and customer service driven to provide excellent services to landlord and customer. Marketing, leasing, sales and property management are tailored to meet the needs of each individual property.

We aim to go beyond simply providing a roof over your head but rather a lifestyle.

Our core focus is to provide affordable, quality, clean and secure living environments.

Our Expertise: Residential Sales and Rentals

  • Approximate 12 000 Units
  • 50 Buildings
  • 3 Countries
  • 200+ Employees

IHSPM has an established footprint in the residential space and a very successful track record as a property manager and sales agency.

Our commitments are our guiding principles. These are observed and executed in conjunction with our values (Integrity, Innovation, Service) which create our culture. We endeavour to be guided by these in our daily activities and interactions.

Our turnkey solutions have been growing resoundingly and we are expanding our operations as well as services to cater for all developers and landlords.


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